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About Compers News

Launched in 2001, Compers News is a newsletter crammed with hints, tips and details of every UK competition and prize draw worth knowing about. At the heart of every issue, you’ll find our exclusive NO-NONSENSE listings pullout with no photos, no waffle, and none of the superfluous fillers you might be used to with other comping magazines… but ALWAYS with around 350 competitions and prize draws featured every single month. Guaranteed!

The current editor, Steve Middleton, is a GENUINE comper who’s been entering and winning competitions for over 30 years. He uses his unrivalled experience to ensure that Compers News remains an indispensable guide for anyone who takes their hobby seriously – from keen beginner to accomplished winner.

Compers News offers a UNIQUE mix of competitions in every issue, and we don’t rely on second or third-hand information like some other titles either! Our editor is out most days hunting down new comps, and he personally buys and checks a huge selection of magazines for comps every month, to save Compers News subscribers the time - and money!

And what about Slogan competitions, those great little tests of skill that give you the BEST chance of a prize but which most compers will tell you are sadly on the way out? Yes, you’ve guessed it, there are now MORE in Compers News each month than any other comping magazine.

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Don’t believe us? Take a look at the facts

A grand total of 387 competitions and prize draws were featured in one recent issue of Compers News… including over SIXTY requiring a slogan or other genuine skill task to enter!

Compers News really DOES give you the best chance of winning, and our readers prove it by consistently scooping the BIGGEST prizes.  Compers News members have recently reported these BIG prizes: £5,000 cash, £10,000 Morrisons shopping voucher, £2,000 Harrods Pamper Day, Family space trip to NASA in Florida, Luxury Family to Cyprus, Wellbeing week in St Lucia, Family trip to Disney World Florida, Top 100 Beauty products worth £3,500, a breakfast party for the entire street… in fact, our readers smash the £100,000 prize barrier most months! 

And don’t think that the amazing prizes listed here are isolated examples to make Compers News sound better than it actually is – our readers tell us about HUNDREDS of prizes every single month, and we proudly list the very best on the front cover of every issue to encourage and inspire all of our readers. 

As a Compers News subscriber you also get exclusive access to our Chatterbox internet message board - an absolute must for all compers! Chatterbox is where you’ll find out about all the latest comps first, and can discuss ongoing promotions and strategies with fellow compers.

You’ll also find our hugely popular ’Magazine Exchange’ on the site, an optional, members-only forum with details of all the comps and prizes up for grabs in around 400 UK newspapers and magazines! Here you can check the details of comps from many of the daily and weekly publications that, because of print deadlines, we can’t include in Compers News.

No wonder that someone recently told us that:

“Chatterbox and Compers News is comping’s best kept secret… it’s the complete comping package”!

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